Jade Wesker battles for survival in a world overrun by infected monsters fourteen years after a terrible virus caused a worldwide catastrophe while being tormented by her past, her father, and what happened to her sister, Billie. Two timeframes are used to tell the story. The first is Jade and Billie Wesker, sisters who are 14 years old, moving to New Raccoon City. They realise that their father might be hiding sinister information that could endanger the entire world. In the second timeline, which is more than ten years in the future and in which just 15 million people are still alive, more than 6 billion animals and people have contracted the T-virus. It follows 30-year-old Jade as she struggles to survive in this world

Directors: Rachel Goldberg | Rob Seidenglanz | Batan Silva | Bronwen Hughes
Writers: Garett Pereda (story editor) | Shane Tortolani (story editor) | Mary Leah Sutton           | Lindsey Villarreal (executive story editor)
Stars: Ella Balinska, Lance Reddick, Siena Agudong
Release Date: 14 July 2022 on Netflix