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X-Men '97 directors Chase Conley and Emi Yonemura discuss the possibility of helming the new X-Men movie reboot in the MCU.


Amid the MCU's X-Men reboot, X-Men '97 directors consider the move to live-action after their series success on Disney+. Fans hope for a connection between the acclaimed animated series and the upcoming live-action adaptation.

During an interview with Screen Rant, Chase Conley and Emi Yonemura, known for their work on X-Men '97, were questioned about their interest in participating in the MCU's new X-Men film. The duo expressed openness to transitioning from animation to live-action.

While maintaining openness to working on the X-Men in the MCU, Conley and Yonemura explained to Screen Rant their preference for animation. They highlighted the unlimited possibilities of animation, emphasizing the emotive connections it can evoke, especially through drawn characters.

Conley highlighted the unique strengths of X-Men '97 and live-action, underscoring the varying emotional impacts each can achieve. Yonemura stressed the importance of valuing animation as highly as live action, based on the strong audience response to X-Men '97 episode 5.

Conley and Yonemura express contentment working in animation, with Yonemura feeling a strong connection to the medium. While X-Men '97 may not directly link to the MCU, its success could influence the upcoming X-Men movie for Marvel Studios.

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